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Premium Auto Detailing Ensures a Return on your Investment!

Maintaining a vehicle's appearance is not just for car enthusiasts. Premium auto detailing extends the life of your vehicle and maintains its value. Wether you trade in every few years or prefer to keep your vehicle for many years, regular detailing will bring an added return on your investemnt.

A few hundred dollars now represents thousands of dollars down the road in retained value for your

Car, SUV, Truck, Semi, Boat, Motorcycle, RV or Small Aircraft.


What’s included...

Complete INTERIOR SHAMPOO and Detail

"Near dry Crystal Foam"


includes rim and tires detailing

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What’s included...

Paint cleaning

(chemical processes and clay bar)

Trim masking

2 stages of micro polishing

Clear Coats or Single stage paints

2 coats of Acrylic Paint Sealant


on Clear Coated paints

2 coats of Brazilian Carnauba Wax

on Single stage paints

What’s included...

Services 1 & 2


Fine Engine and Door Jamb

Degrease and Detail

Contact us to book your appointment today or regarding any special requirements or questions.

Remember we specialize in paint cleaning, correction, restoration, enhancement & protection.

Our wet sanding and show car preparation detailing services are second to none.

We can custom adapt them for your special needs.

Enjoy the results of nearly 30 years experience by

Master Polisher / Industry Instructor : Paul THE GENERAL Desormiers